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Healthy Lifestyle. Productive Life.
SimplyWell's results-based employee wellness program identifies individual health risks early and provides employees with the right information and tools to reduce those risks and live healthier, more productive lifestyles.
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Healthy Employees. Reduced Costs.
SimplyWell's results-based health and wellness management program improves employee health and productivity while reducing employer health care costs.
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Healthy Staff. Healthy Community.
SimplyWell's outcomes-based population health management program improves hospital staff and patient health while enhancing the productivity and wellness of an entire community.
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Healthy Patients. Strong Relationships.
SimplyWell's outcomes-health management program provides actionable health information that helps patients make healthy choices to enhance their overall health and wellness while strengthening the doctor-patient relationship.
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Timely Data. Healthy Life.
SimplyWell's results-based patient wellness program provides patients with instant access to individualized health results and data while equipping them with the right tools and resources to live healthier, happier lives.
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Innovative Solutions. Satisfied Clients.
SimplyWell's innovative results-based wellness program is customizable to satisfy the unique needs of a wide-spectrum of organizations.
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Scientists Probe Dark Chocolate's Health Secrets

TUESDAY, March 18, 2014 (HealthDay News)

It's said that dark chocolate can be good for your heart, and new research may have uncovered why.

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We've partnered with SimplyWell since its inception and are seeing good results in the reduction of health care costs. Employees also like the tangible benefits of the program which help them manage their health.

Glenn Fosdick

President & CEO
The Nebraska Medical Center

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SimplyWell LLC, Health & Wellness, Omaha, NE