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SimplyWell's dedicated team works with you to assess your needs, conceive unparalleled solutions and apply the comprehensive management tools that serve your team efficiently to generate real results. All of our programs are built on a solid medical foundation, and all of our team members are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations succeed.

SimplyWell helps individuals realize a healthier lifestyle and a happier life by placing the most relevant information and resources at their fingertips.

SimplyWell helps employers across many industries manage wellness programs, improve workforce productivity and reduce costs by customizing programs, engaging employees in fresh ways and aggregating population data to report progress

Our SimplyWell products are designed to work together to reduce health risks, and analyze and promote group health improvement to help meet your goals.


Awareness of personal health status empowers individuals to embrace healthy habits and proactively address potential risks. Our comprehensive online wellness portal offers individuals a wealth of actionable health information based on results from our on-site health screenings, NCQA certified health questionnaire and self-reported medical history.

SimplyWell's online member portal includes:

  • User-friendly registration system
  • Health screening scheduling tool
  • Comprehensive health questionnaire
  • Electronic health and risk assessment record
  • Proprietary SimplyWell Health Score
  • Customizable Health Factor options
  • Integrates with many wearable health devices (Why is this important?)
  • Individualized wellness plans
  • Health maintenance self-tracking
  • Incentive program tracking
  • Self-administered and registration-based wellness challenges
  • Healthy living resources, including nutritious recipes and exercise tips
  • Disease management guidelines
  • Educational health modules
  • Daily health news, monthly e-newsletter, and semiannual print newsletter
  • English or Spanish language options
  • Mobile version available to iPhone and Android smartphone devices

The portal enables employers to intuitively manage population health, assess top risks, track progress toward wellness goals and see cost savings in the short- and long-term, while also keeping individuals' personal information private, secure and HIPAA-compliant.

Organizations have the opportunity to offer SimplyWell's wellness program under their own brands, as well. Our team can work closely with you to customize the online wellness portal with a custom log in page; your logo, color palette and images; font, background, navigation and table adjustments; custom email template; and more.

We are continually making enhancements to ensure that SimplyWell offers organizations and individuals the most comprehensive and up-to-date resources. Reach out to us to request a demo!


SimplyWell offers onsite health screenings nationwide for member convenience. Our highly-skilled health and wellness professionals come to your workplace locations to perform accurate, confidential screenings in a timely manner, without pulling employees away from their work for long periods of time. The results proactively identify risks, educate members about healthy lifestyle changes, and form a medical basis to measure progress, while minimizing corporate health care costs.

The SimplyWell population health management program also offers options for employees that work remotely or from locations with few staff. Your SimplyWell account manager can help you identify alternative options to engage your workforce to complete a health screening.


One-on-one health coaching provided by SimplyWell's certified registered nurses and health coaches empowers individuals to discover their own motivations for living a healthier lifestyle and a happier life increasing the likelihood of long-term success.

Our evidence-based programs provide members with proven resources to meet their health goals – whether they're focusing on lifestyle changes like weight loss/management, physical activity and nutrition or managing chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, COPD or heart failure.

Our coaching program is also customizable, enabling you to rebrand and resell our coaching program in your community to create another revenue stream.

Coaching programs include:

  • Clinical Consultation
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Healthy Lifestyle for Chronic Conditions
  • Weight Management
  • Type II Diabetes Prevention
  • Diabetes Self-Management

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SimplyWell's integrated health solutions offer comprehensive health and wellness reporting capabilities for members and employers.

Members can generate personalized health status reports, physician summaries, health screening results and comparison chart reports, and program plans through the SimplyWell member portal.

Employers can generate HIPAA compliant aggregated population summaries and health status reports - based on any of several important variables - anytime and anywhere, through the online population health management system.

SimplyWell helps clients assess progress, evaluate short- and long-term cost-savings and ongoing program needs.


The healthcare landscape continues to evolve and employers are faced with the challenge of ensuring that their wellness program is compliant with the appropriate regulations. At SimplyWell, we not only provide you with the guidance on how to implement a compliant wellness program, we also manage the administration of the program, whether you are implementing a health contingent outcomes based program or a health contingent activity based program. SimplyWell will manage reasonable alternative standards, appeals processes and report to the employer those individuals that qualify for an incentive.


When implementing a health contingent outcomes based program, SimplyWell offers a solution which empowers authentic healthy lifestyle changes. To ensure objectivity, accuracy and effectiveness, our founders conceived the SimplyWell Health Score generated from seven clinical measures obtained during the health screening: body composition, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, HDL, LDL, trigylcerides, and fasting glucose.

Each of these seven measures is assigned a point-value based on health risk. Health Scores can range from 45 to 100 points, wherein a higher score indicates better health. Health Scores enable clients to readily evaluate population health improvement over time, and enable members to measure their own progress toward personal goals.

SimplyWell works closely with every one of our clients to create fresh programs and services that engage, educate and empower employees while keeping their companies successful. No two are identical, yet each is Where Health Counts – and that's all that matters.

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"Healthbreak's business model focuses on helping each client determine the right combination of programs and incentives to improve culture and drive health outcomes. Our partnership with SimplyWell allows us to implement effective population health management strategies through SimplyWell's state of the art, medically based portal. From participation-based to outcomes-based strategies, this partnership has allowed us to leverage technology with the right strategy."

Kathy Knudsen

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"[SimplyWell] makes my job easier."

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"I love SimplyWell because of the amazing support and customer service."

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"It is great working with [SimplyWell]. Our employees love the SimplyWell Portal."

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"I appreciate the wealth of credible medical related information that is available for our employees [through SimplyWell]. Particularly for people looking to make a change or improve the Health Score."

Holly Verkamp

Olsson Associates
"[SimplyWell is] awesome, medically based, customizable and forward thinking."

Kandy Jamison

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"SimplyWell has stood its ground through ACA that they have a solid product and stood side by side with the employers. SimplyWell truly gets the concept of focusing on health outcomes vs. checking a box."

Tiffany Kuper

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